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The tough tyre for downtown and city traffic.

  • Maximum safety
  • Optimal fuel efficiency
  • Maximum robustness

Technical details

High mileage

  • High tread volume (tread width and depth)
  • Even tread wear
  • Good grip when steering, braking and accelerating

Less rolling resistance for more savings potential

  • Optimized compound

Goods Casing for even more endurance

  • Well-proven steel cord bead for ideal rim fitment and reduced sidewall deformation
  • Triangular belt for even tread wear and long durability
  • Air-Keep inner liner for long lasting optimal inflation pressure

Product Range

Tire size LI / SI LI / SI
7.00 R 16 117/116 L - E C 70
7.50 R 16 121/120 L - E C 70

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